LHC Structural Engineers
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Location: Durham, NC
Budget: $68 million
Size: 1650,000 sf
Year Completed: 2014

The Terminal 1 Renovation consisted of a complete interior remodel and exterior re-clad of the existing 165,000 sf terminal building.  

The primary structural feature is a dramatic new canopy along the landside elevation.  The superstructure was intricately integrated with the existing building wall framing and foundations bridged the existing tunnel below grade.  The canopy structure was modeled in Revit Structure to a high level of detail for coordination and presentation.

Both the landside and airside building elevations were re-clad on new back-up steel framing that was tied into the existing building frame.  Interior modifications included new openings and in-fill typically associated with new circulation systems.  This effort often required custom framing that was continually modified during construction during discovery of as-built conditions.

LHC also provided design of framing and supports for public art that is displayed in the terminal.  The most dramatic pieces were the "Highwire Travelers" sculptures suspended in the clerestory space and "Metamorphisis", a two-story glass wall with imagery and vibrant color.

Architect: Clark Nexsen
Photography: Mark Herboth