LHC Structural Engineers

Building Systems Design

Whatever the building type, LHC has the knowledge and experience to select, design and specify the most suitable framing system or combination of systems to optimize building performance and cost

Structural Steel

Utilizing breadth of experience and relationships with suppliers and fabricators, LHC designs a full range of steel framing systems that are economical and buildable. Steel framing is often architecturally exposed to display the beauty and strength of the material.

Cast-in-Place Concrete

Beyond common uses like footings, walls and slabs, concrete framing systems can compete with structural steel in many applications in terms of cost, performance and schedule. Knowing the fine points of concrete systems technology offers benefits in areas like sustainability, aesthetics and durability.

Precast Concrete

LHC is experienced in specifying manufacturer designed precast concrete framing systems, from block and plank buildings to complete parking structures to custom applications like the Nag’s Head Pier.

Post-Tensioned Concrete

Post-tensioning concrete offers tremendous benefits in terms of strength, durability and economy. LHC has designed flat plate systems, beam and slab systems and custom solutions like transfer girders.

Heavy Timber / Wood Framing

Glue laminated timber framing and custom wood trusses make beautiful public spaces in many of LHC’s projects. It is also a common framing material for community buildings, park structures and some commercial projects.