LHC Structural Engineers


The LHC process comes directly from our promise to serve our clients well. It consists of the three key distinctives that we follow everyday… Focus, Involvement and Commitment.


By choice, LHC is exclusively structural engineering of building systems. We focus on what we know best –structural design. We continue to grow within our strength, rather than go in other directions. Having a single purpose and direction allows us to move more quickly in understanding project needs and determining the best solutions. Best of all, you have a powerful, reliable team to meet your structural engineering requirements.

Our specialization fosters an appreciation for the building design and construction process that has resulted in the establishment of long-standing relationships with a number of outstanding architects. Over the years, our work with architects, consultants, contractors and building owners has earned us a reputation as reliable and skilled structural engineers with particular strength in:

  • Practical and economical structural solutions
  • Conformance with project design goals
  • Consistent adherence to project schedules
  • Responsiveness to construction phase challenges


Our approach to all of our projects starts with committing a principal-in-charge who will remain actively involved in the project from early design through completion of the project. The continuity of the lead senior designer provides clarity, consistency, quality and efficiency, while assuring that the project is implemented as intended.

The early phases of design are crucial to the success of the project. We work close with the project team to understand the design criteria and project goals. We use our knowledge base, experience and creativity to develop solutions that are responsive to the design vision and are both practical and cost effective for the project. Our senior level designers collaborate with all design disciplines to develop integrated solutions for critical building systems.

This includes evaluations of options for lateral-force resisting systems, foundation systems, and cladding support and attachment. Where applicable, we actively participate in developing ideas and solutions for sustainability, progressive collapse prevention and building information modeling.

Productivity and effective communication is our focus in the detailed design phase. We maintain consistent manpower to assure continued development of all aspects of the structural design. Although we have a clearly defined scope of work, we operate with the mindset that integrated design has no hard boundaries and play an active role in designing interfaces with other disciplines, such as building cladding or mechanical systems. We are accessible and quick to clarify design solutions, initiate a problem-solving effort or to conduct review sessions.

During the construction phase we stay engaged in the submittal review and construction process. The LHC principal in charge or a senior structural engineer will personally review submittals, respond to RFI’s and attend construction phase meetings. We are accustomed to and expect regular inquiries from the field and make ourselves available to respond proactively in a timely manner. While we always expect high quality construction and adherence to documents, we have a reputation of collaboration and easy to work with in the field.

We prefer to oversee structural special inspection services. The principal-in-charge or senior engineer at LHC will manage the work, resolve deficiencies and prepare all reports. Experience has proved this approach to be effective, efficient and cost effective.


LHC works with you for the best solutions. Almost anyone can tell you why a design will not work, we find ways to make even complex designs achievable. Many of our clients say we are architect friendly… we are. We respect good design and bring that same integrity of work to bear on structural engineering. We excel at maintaining your vision.