LHC Structural Engineers


LHC Structural Engineers is a well established North Carolina company with more than 40 years of experience and practice.

The Beginning

LHC Structural Engineers was founded in 1966 as a sole proprietorship known as R.E. Lasater, PE. Consulting Engineer. In 1971, Robert E. Lasater, Sr. and Robert P. Hopkins formed a partnership as Lasater-Hopkins Engineers. In fact, some of our long time clients still refer to us as Lasater Hopkins. As T. Y. Chang and Robert E. Lasater, Jr. grew into the next generation of leadership, the firm name was changed to Lasater Hopkins Chang, P. C. in 1997. Now as LHC Structural Engineers, the name has evolved to reflect our history and allow for new growth under the same banner.

The Future

Bennett & Pless, one of the south's leading structural engineering firms, is growing again, this time in the Carolinas. Powerhouse structural engineering firm LHC Structural Engineers out of Raleigh, North Carolina, is joining forces with Bennett & Pless, combining their 54 years of experience with the decades-long expertise of Bennett & Pless' multiple offices. Combined, the firms encompass eight offices throughout the Southeast, providing high-level structural engineering services across the nation and internationally.

"When we were looking to get established in Raleigh a few years ago, every firm we spoke to in the local construction industry pointed us to LHC as the most highly regarded structural firm in Raleigh. We now know why, and that reputation is well deserved. When combined with our exceptional team in Charlotte, our ability to service our clients in North Carolina will now be tough to beat." -Ed Gazzola, PE, CEO of Bennett & Pless

LHC Structural Engineers' merger with Bennett & Pless creates a dynamic partnership expanding their design capabilities in the K-12 schools, higher education, life sciences, central utilities, and athletic facilities market sectors. It also bookends a firm footing in North Carolina with offices in Charlotte and now Raleigh. Both firms take pride in fostering long-term team members and a workplace of open communication and guiding principles. The combined engineering staff will create a structural design environment of diversity and growth and, at the same time, better serve a longstanding client base.

"We're very excited about the merger. The wealth of experience and knowledge of Bennett & Pless makes them a good fit for us and will help us grow and diversify into different markets." -Bobby Lasater, PE, President of LHC Structural Engineers

"LHC and Bennet & Pless are a great match. We complement each other in the marketplace and bolster each other with engineering talent and BIM technology skills. Both firms place a high value on employees, which translates to superior client services and longstanding relationships." -Rob Stevenson, PE, Vice President of LHC Structural Engineers

The Principals

Bobby Lasater – Principal
Rob Stevenson – Principal
Through their combined efforts, they have compiled an extensive list of structural achievements found throughout North Carolina and other southeastern states. As Consulting Engineers, they have consulted with and advised many outstanding architectural firms, contractors, and owners.