LHC Structural Engineers

Specialty Structures Design

Many construction projects require special structures, some within a building and others independent of a building. LHC routinely applies engineering principles to design a variety of structural systems and components.

Site Structures

Building and park sites will often utilize retaining walls, planters, ramps, fountains and other site structures to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Deep Foundations

When the top layers of soil at a building site are not suitable for bearing, it is essential that the structural engineer collaborate closely with the geotechnical engineer, general contractor and specialty contractors to select a cost effective and functional deep foundation system appropriate to the nature of the proposed building structure.

Aquariums & Water Containment Structures

LHC’s engineers have designed water containment structures for aquarium tanks, swimming pools, fountains and cooling tower basins. These structures often require high performance concrete, corrosion resistant reinforcing bars or special coatings or sealers.

Equipment Support

Structural framing and/or foundations are often required for building systems equipment or owner furnished items such as manufacturing machines, research equipment, medical devices, or high density storage systems. Whether it is a dust collector, NMR, emergency generator or air handling unit, LHC’s engineers are careful to collaborate with the equipment vendor and engineer to understand performance requirements and anchorage locations and methods.

Catwalks & Mezzanines

Secondary structures to provide access or to support equipment are common to many building projects designed by LHC. These are often light weight assemblies in custom configurations constructed of a variety of materials from traditional structural steel to fiberglass framing to pre-engineered systems.

Canopies & Shelters

LHC is proud to have a deep portfolio of beautifully designed canopy and shelter structures that often display and feature the structural framing.

Long Span Systems

Gymnasiums, dining halls, banquet halls and other public spaces often required long span structural systems. LHC routinely designs custom long span solutions in structural steel, wood and concrete.