LHC Structural Engineers

Specialty Services

With over 40 years in the building design and construction industry, LHC has developed a broad range of experience in structural engineering reaching into several specialty areas outside of traditional building design.

Condition Assessment

LHC’s engineers have the experience and knowledge to inspect and evaluate an existing building for a proposed use. This service is useful to an owner looking to purchase a property or considering whether to upgrade or demolish an existing structure on his campus.

Renovation / Rehabilitation / Adaptive Reuse

Many of LHC’s projects have a component associated with an existing building structure. These facilities are often modified, reinforced or simply analyzed for proposed loads.

Floor Vibration Analysis

Pedestrian footfalls and building equipment cause floors to vibrate, sometimes to the occupant’s objection, be it discomfort while working at a desk or perhpas shaking the view in the lens of a microscope. The structural engineer must understand how to arrange and proportion the framing system to strike a balance between economy in the use of material and performance of the floor system in minimizing vibrations.

High Wind and Earthquake Design

Hurricane winds and seismically sensitive sites are common in the southeast region where LHC practices most.

Not only is it critical that the structural engineer have the skills to incorporate code prescribed loads, but he must also have the knowledge and experience to properly detail a structure from rooftop to foundation with solutions that are structurally sound and buildable.

Progressive Collapse

The GSA document, “Progressive Collapse Analysis and Design Guidelines” and the U.S. Department of Defense document, UFC 4-023-03, “Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse” are being adopted by many federal agencies, state agencies, counties and cities.

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Today’s architects appreciate the beauty and elegance that can be expressed by exposing the framing systems and components. LHC has a strong reputation as a firm that understands and appreciates the vision of the architect and has the creativity and knowledge to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

Structural Special Inspections

LHC leads the effort to perform Chapter 17 structural special inspections on many of its projects, typically in an efficient and cost effective collaboration with a reputable testing and inspection agency.